Stop overreacting. Apple was only trying to stop your phone from randomly turning off

Anti Apple fanboys have been sharing the news about Apple throttling the speed of older phone’s on their walls or commenting about it on all kinds of unrelated posts for weeks now. I get that it’s cool to jump on the bandwagon and a lot of you will just read the headline of this post and call me a fanboy without ever opening it, but just in case you did open it, here goes:

In iOS 10.2.1, Apple made changes in the power management function to prevent unexpected shutdowns when you’re using a phone with an old AND degraded battery. All batteries degrade over time as you run through charge cycles. If you consistently plug the phone in before it runs too low on juice, the battery stays in good condition for much longer- mine is 2.5 years old and in good condition. However if you’re one of those people who waits till your battery is almost dead before charging, your battery probably isn’t in great condition anymore. When your phone tries to hit peak processing power, the battery you abused is not able to provide enough power and your phone turns off suddenly, something I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy. To stop such shutdowns, Apple made a logical choice to stop the processor from hitting those speeds if it looks like the battery won’t be able to power it, but ONLY at such times. It doesn’t slow down your processor all the time unnecessarily. Think of it like your car had a feature that stopped you from going any faster if the whole thing started shaking like a leaf.

This is in no way a conspiracy to slow down your phone and make you buy a new one. It is a sign that you need a new battery. If Apple really wanted to slow down your phone to make you upgrade, all they needed to do was to make sure every iOS update is poorly optimized for older hardware. That would automatically make your phone slow and no one would be able to find evidence of tampering. It would be kind of like building new faster roads that your old car just wouldn’t be able to enter because you can’t hit the minimum speed limit. If your car wasn’t tampered with, you can’t exactly sue someone for building high-speed roads right? If the purpose was to make you upgrade to a new phone, how would changing the battery restore speeds?

Now of course Apple could have done some things differently. They could have mentioned this in the update’s change log. But then again maybe they don’t mention every small change because of people who react irrationally to everything. They could also have the OS tell you that your battery is in a bad condition. But again, so can every phone manufacturer and no one does it. It would also be nice if phones had easily removable batteries but most manufacturers have stopped providing those as well quoting waterproofing needs or design needs. The good news is that Apple is now offering discounted batteries if yours is degraded, and they’re also working on a feature in upcoming iOS updates that will let you self-diagnose your battery’s health. Yes, this was after this controversy but remember, other manufacturers are still not doing this. All phones use lithium-ion batteries that get degraded over time so all phones will either start shutting down unexpectedly or cutting processor speeds to avoid that.

The overreaction from non-Apple users is a classic example of confirmation bias. You’ve already made up your mind about the company and jump on every headline which you think will back that up without bothering to read the whole article.

If you are interested in facts rather than click-bait, here’s some helpful links:

You can also use the geekbench app to test performance before and after a battery replacement. It costs around Rs. 80:





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