Stream of consciousness blogging

Do you know how awkward it is to start writing in a blog you haven’t written in for nearly a year? Its a little like that neighbor or colleague you should have smiled at a year ago and find it weird to say good morning to anymore. Everytime I think of writing something I feel like I should have something momentous to talk about which justifies asking for someones attention after so long. Its nothing more than complacency and inertia of course, but complacency is a bigger road block than anything else in life I guess. Anyway, I had this epiphany the other day – instead of trying to come up with great content, why not just write a stream of consciousness variety of blog posts when I don’t have a fleshed out topic to write about? It reduces the burden of research and thought required, extensive proofreading, etc. and might branch out into more substantial, well thought out blog posts at some point. Most importantly, it reduces the entry barrier, or in my case, re-entry barrier to writing or blogging. It is possible that a reader might think the quality of posts is going down, but my last post was in April 2019. Its hard to go down from absolute silence. At least one other person seems to have had this idea before me – I DuckDuckGo’d ‘stream of consciousness blogging’ and found this nice post:

Another thing I should make amends for – I had earlier promised a ‘not yet an expert’ series of blog posts and asked for votes on topics. Highest number of votes were for photography but of course I never got around to writing the promised blog post. I do feel bad about that but in a way, I think this is educational for everyone because that’s generally what happens when you vote for anything. Consider this election education, especially given its election season in the capital. But hey, at least I didn’t come with another ‘vote for’ request without doing anything on the last one. I promise to deliver something before doing that. Bijli, Pani, Blog posts.

If this category of blog posts takes off (meaning it takes off from my lazy keyboard), this will go in my future blog post on ‘Writing advice from a not yet successful writer’, which was another one of the options in that doomed poll.

Until then, Viva la Vida.




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