Words worth

A picture is worth a thousand words

Said an ad-man counting money

We forgot why

Coz he didn’t say it with pictures

So we flocked to the gram

From the tyranny of words

Words that shaped the world

And ended empires

Words that made us weep

With joy, with grief, with life

Are refugees now

In a world of colour

Posing for screenshots

And asking how much

A picture of a thousand words is worth

Note: They told me no one reads blogs any more. You have to do Instagram. I realized it does work well, and helps me write poetry which I had assumed I couldn’t. But had to write how I felt about the whole thing


6 thoughts on “Words worth

  1. Pictures and the art of photography are not defined by time or technology, what matters is how much it captures or what it intends to define. During the renaissance you had councils, the Victorian era gave rise to museums where the worth of a picture was dependent on how many visitors. The delivery of opinion has changed, from critical articles to like/comments/shares.

    Artists have never needed the world to accept them or their art, so why be angry at the changing forms of gratification?


    1. I wouldn’t say I’m angry. Just feel that words and pictures are both different art forms to be appreciated. Today, words get reach only if you screenshot it and put it on a picture sharing platform.

      I’m just sad that a fish has to learn to climb.


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